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“In a week with GetFocus, we achieved more than we previously could in 9 months.”

Christophe Perthuisot
Chief Research & Innovation Officer, Moët Hennessy (LVMH Group)

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Erik Oskarsson
Rouse Sweden, Principal

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Daan van Maanen
Philips, General manager diagnostic X-ray
The Goalposts Are Moving

You Can No Longer Keep Up With Technological Change

There are >265.000 areas of emerging technology

New technologies emerge exponentially faster

It takes just as much time to keep up as before

The puzzle grows faster than you can lay down the pieces

The Problem

Is This The Way to Keep Up with Technological Change?

Current methods no longer cut it to stay ahead of the curve

In house experts

Experts are crucial! But,

There is way too much information to digest

This problem is growing exponentially

Lack of oversight leads to blind spots and can cause bias

Trend monitoring tools

A faster way to get some level of insight. But,

Only shows you what currently exists, not what will be

Gives a false sense of security, trends are not predictive

The herd can guide you to the food, but also run off a cliff

The Solution

How To Accurately Forecast The Technological Future In a Week

Scout, compare, and forecast the future of any technology area with GetFocus

Step #1 - Scout all emerging technologies in your area

Rapid tech scouting

Scout all emerging technologies in your area in seconds. This feature is LLM enabled and can take your context into consideration. After completing this step you will have a perfect overview of all technologies that could become game-changers for you.

Step #2 - Compare emerging technologies for your use-case

Complete tech comparison

Compare the strengths and weaknesses of scouted technologies for your use case. Not every technology will be a good fit. Our LLM enabled technology comparison is the fastest way to get a deep understanding. Reduce months of work to minutes.

Step #3 - Bet on the winning horse before the race even starts

Accurate tech forecasting

Measure the rate at which emerging technologies are improving their performance and dropping their costs. Emerging winners are often too expensive or otherwise problematic at early stages of development. The key question is how quickly this improves. Through forecasting you can bet on winning emerging technologies before the rest realizes. A totally unfair advantage.

Step #4 -Stay up to date

Reporting & Monitoring

Stay up to date with the latest progress in key areas of technology effortlessly. Monitoring usually takes up lots of time, we speed up the process 10X. Spot competitor activity, instant patent landscapes, AI powered patent summaries, and chatting with inventions, all at the click of a button. Get more detailed insight in less time.

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