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How does it actually work?

Technology mapping and predicting improvement
Predicting the future of technology

What makes it possible?

  • AI patent-to-technology mapping
    Simply show the AI examples of patents of interest and it will learn what to look for. Let it loose after some training and it will map out any technological domain for you.
  • Technology impact scoring
    Most technologies are not very important and do not contribute to improvement. Without a reliable impact score, it is therefore impossible to predict how fast a domain is improving. To solve this problem, Focus developed a proprietary impact scoring method that allows for the accurate measurement of technological impact.
  • Predicting technological improvement
    By identifying all patents that belong to a technological domain, and by precisely measuring their technological impact, it becomes possible to predict how quickly the overall domain is improving. Focus verified its method by predicting improvement rates for 30 empirically measured domains., which can be done with very high degrees of accuracy.

How do we compare to the competition?

The Rest
Predict technological improvement
Patent-to-technology mapping
   2-5X more patents     avg. 97% accurate
 and noisy
Reliable technology impact scoring
Easily obtained strategic insights
Accelerate your innovation lifecycle
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