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Predict which technologies will dominate the future with Focus’ AI forecasting tools

Winning technologies show clear and measurable patterns. Our tech forecasting tools unveil these patterns and help you make better technology strategy decisions.

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Focus AI helps you to:

  • 1. Stay ahead of the competition

    Take informed decisions with a comprehensive overview of the global innovation landscape.

  • 2. Spot trends before anyone else

    Focus reliably predicts which emerging technologies will turn into winners for your technology strategy.

  • 3. Track everything

    Our AI never gets tired. There are no limits on your resources for insights gathering.

We partner with the world’s leading innovators

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“Focus helped us gather key insights about
a disruptive medical technology”
Daan van Manen- Philips, General manager diagnostic X-ray
Daan van Maanen
Philips, General manager diagnostic X-ray

Creating a winning technology strategy starts with Focus

There is lots of noise in global innovation data. Focus AI helps you sort the wheat from the chaff so you can take better investment decisions.

Step 1: Track technologies of interest

Get an always up-to-date overview of any technology area

See what your competitors are up to and who is betting on which technologies. Once set up, Focus automatically scans for new activity.

Which insights are available?

See global innovation activity of everyone competing in a technology space, and study the developmental history of the technology as a whole.

Step 2: Predict winners

Spot winning emerging technologies early on

Compare competing technologies and predict which will win. With Focus, you will see disruption coming from miles away.

How does this work ?

Focus’ models were verified to work on >32 technologies in a collaborative effort with MIT. Contact us to get more information about the studies.

Step 3: Forecast future performance

Invest at the right time

Focus helps you forecast what the future performance and costs of technologies will be. Use Focus to predict when new technologies will become competitive and create the ultimate technology strategy.

How is this Possible ?

Focus measures the speed with which technologies improve.
If the current performance & costs are known, future performance & costs can be forecasted.

See how it works

Focus is intuitive, simple, and requires no previous experience with AI tools.
Teach our AI which technologies you want to track by labeling inventions with 1 click.

Case studies

See concrete results from SME's to Fortune 500 companies.
Learn how others gather key insights with Focus.

Philips Study Case
Learn how Philips uses Focus
for technology strategy decision-making
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Rouse Study Case
Learn how Rouse created a killer patenting strategy for its client with Focus
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Learn how our client uses Focus to inform leadership about strategic technologies
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See examples of technology strategy insights that can be obtained with Focus.
Focus predicted the digital revolution, electric vehicles, and the rise of SSD's.


Learn how Kodak could have seen disruption coming decades in advance with Focus
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Learn how early you could have know about the EV revolution and its timing using Focus
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Disk drives

Learn how Focus predicted the rise of SSD's and if they will become cheaper than HDD's
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Technology improvement speeds

See how fast technologies are improving. Compare competing technologies to see which technology will likely win.

Forecasting logo

Performance forecasting

Forecast the price & performance of any technology. Predict if and when emerging technologies will turn into disruptors.

Cycle Time logo

Cycle time

Focus cycle time shows you how fast a technology iterates towards a better solution.

Knowledge logo

Knowledge flow

The more freely knowledge flows, the faster a technology improves. Knowledge flow  measures this for you.

Overview logo

Dynamic patent landscapes

Get an always up to date overview of what every competitor, university, startup, and scale-up is doing in any technology space.

Updates Logo

Periodic updates

Set custom update frequencies and only receive notifications about developments  when you want them.

Globe logo

Global patent data

Focus AI has global coverage with >146 million inventions from all over the world. New inventions are automatically added.

Translation Logo

English translations

High quality translations allow you to track important developments globally. Never miss anything important.

Dashboard logo

Customizable dashboards

Create custom dashboards for any technology. You can customize by region, time,  organizations, and more.

Export logo

Export charts & data

Export raw data from Focus without limitations. Charts can also be exported as images, pdf, or by raw data.

Custom taxonomies logo

Custom taxonomies

Teach Focus how you want it to see the world. Create your own tech categories and view the world through your own lens.

Support icon

Real support

Chat with us directly from inside the app. Never wait for responses, chat with bots, or wait in call lines.

Is Focus difficult to use?

Our simple UI makes it easy to get the insights you need

Anyone can learn how to use Focus. We get you set up on the platform and real support is always only 1 chat message away.


“Focus helped us gather key insights about a disruptive medical technology”
Daan van Maanen
Philips, General manager diagnostic X-ray
In a context of increasing complexity and a relentless pace of innovation, keeping a strategic overview has become a burning problem. Focus helps you gather the insights you need as an R&D leader in the digital age.
Christophe Perthuisot
Christophe Perthuisot
LVMH, Senior Vice President of R&D
“Focus lets us communicate strategic technology insights to our clients in a language they understand”
Erik Oskarsson
Erik Oskarsson
Rouse Sweden, Principal

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