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What can Focus do for me?

In a nutshell

Quickly identify top assets

Sort the wheat from the chaff in any domain or portfolio. Cut through the noise and spend your time where it really counts.

Help you take action

Identify out-licensing candidates, benchmark portfolios in cross-licensing talks, and get maintenance recommendations.

85% less time!
Save up to 85% of your time

Never again waste time by manually reviewing entire stacks of patents. Focus on the patents that really matter and let our A.I. do the repetitive work.

Quality over quantity

All patents are not equal

Patent importance is extremely skewed. Most patents are never asserted, licensed, sold, or even applied in practice. Yet, the narrative in the IP industry is often dominated by portfolio size. Let us help you cut through the noise and expose a portfolio's true value!
Straight to the good stuff

Spend less time reading patents and more time creating value

Insights that help you take decisions and let you focus your efforts where it counts. Computers excel at repetitive tasks, people excel at creating strategies. Focus can save up to 85% of your time and lets you cut straight to the chase.
  • Prevent mistakes
  • Spend time where it counts
  • Find hidden value
  • Increase productivity
How it works
The benefits of good A.I.

Why Focus?

Forget about IPC/CPC codes
Our NLP algorithm determines patent topics and finds out what other patents it can reliably be compared to.
Find value sooner
Identify important assets before it is obvious. Focus can determine importance years before our competition is able to.
Corrects structural biases
Citation rates are strongly influenced by age, patent topic, examiner/applicant habits, self citing, etc. Focus corrects it all.
Beyond counting citations
Focus measures intergenerational influence. Ancestors and offspring are as important as the patent itself.
Predicts real value
Our scores are highly predictive of real life events; litigation likelihood, patent lapsing, technological improvement speeds, etc.
One score for the whole family
Rather than scoring all family members individually, we treat simple patent families as one unit.
In practice

Use cases

Monitor your portfolio
We update our scores as the patent citation network develops, so you are never behind.
Benchmark against the competition
Find out where you have an edge on the competition and where they have an edge on you.
Out-licensing and maintenance suggestions
Identify out-licensing candidates and receive maintenance suggestions when you want them.
Get a fair deal
Patent pool royalty rates and cross-licensing deals are often determined by size. Yet, contribution quality varies greatly. Make sure you get a fair deal!
Instant results
Time constraints have been prohibitive in reviewing the quality of entire portfolios. No matter the size, get instant results with Focus.
Quantify your impact
Get a quantitative overview of which party created what share of the value and enable a data driven negotiation about the deal terms.
Find collaboration opportunities
Find and track rising stars within industries and establish a relationship before their importance becomes obvious to everyone else.
Monitor for game-changing inventions
Stay up to date with the state of the art. Automatically monitor for those few inventions a year that can really shake up an industry.
Identify and track key inventors
Very often, inventors of important technologies continue to be outstanding. Identify who they are in your organization and cherish them.
What our customers say

"Focus has been a great help to X-Celeprint"

Focus reviewed X-celeprint's entire patent portfolio.
Ronald S. Cok
Director of intellectual property
Focus recently evaluated our patent portfolio and I found the quality of their analytics tools and services to be outstanding. Focus has been a great help to X-Celeprint by analyzing our patent portfolio and providing valuable feedback on the influence and technical importance of our patent families. The analysis process was very easy and Focus’s communication was always fast and clear. Reviewing their ratings was both helpful and interesting; Focus’ analytics provided insights not available to X-Celeprint from other tools.

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“There is a substantial scholarly literature on the efficacy of patent citation analysis, and Focus advances the field by properly addressing the key challenges in it.”
Lew Zaretzki
Managing director - Hamilton IPV