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Timing technology investments  is extremely challenging

Being too early or too late can both lead to disaster

Improvement rates are key

Because technologies never stand still, estimating the speed with which they improve is crucial to timing your investments right.

Overestimating improvement

With a clear map of your current environment and actionable insight into the future technological landscape, you can craft better strategies.

85% less time!
Accelerate innovation lifecycle

 Establish shared beliefs around technology potential with data-driven insights and massively accelerate your innovation lifecycle.

The benefits of predictive intelligence

Find answers to the hardest questions

We enable industry leaders to easily obtain predictive insight into the technological landscape of the future. We do this by applying our powerful ML models to patent data. Without ever having to perform complex searches Focus helps you obtain insights with which you can inform your R&D and patenting strategies, while accelerating your innovation lifecycle at the same time.
See what will be instead of what is

Next-gen analytics

Focus' proprietary ML models help you identify all patents that relate to a technology with ease. Then, Focus predicts how quickly the technology's performance is improving year over year. Inform strategic decision making with predictive insight into competing domains and spot winning technologies early. With objective data on technology improvement, you can test hypotheses and align your team more quickly, accelerating the innovation lifecycle.
  • Map out any tech domain
  • Predict improvement rate
  • Inform decision making
  • Accelerate innovation cycle
How it works
In practice

Use cases

Spot disruptive technologies early
Identify and assess disruptive technologies years before they start having an impact on your business.
Compare competing technologies
Find out which currently competing technologies are the most likely to win in the end.
Inform R&D spending
Invest in the right technologies at the right time. Make sure you are optimally prepared for the technology landscape of tomorrow.
Accelerate innovation lifecycle
Enable faster agreement on technology potential with objective insights and accelerate your innovation cycle.
Future proof your patenting strategy
Pave the way for new products with a patenting strategy that focuses on the right areas.
Track the competition
Keep track of competitors in tech domains where you compete and automatically monitor for new entrants.
What our customers say

"Focus has been a great help to X-Celeprint"

Ronald S. Cok
Director of intellectual property
I found the quality of Focus' analytics tools and services to be outstanding. Focus has been a great help to X-Celeprint. The analysis process was very easy and Focus’s communication was always fast and clear. Reviewing the intelligence was both helpful and interesting; Focus’ analytics provided insights not available to X-Celeprint from other tools.

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“There is a substantial scholarly literature on patent analytics, and Focus advances the field by properly addressing the key challenges in it.”
Lew Zaretzki
Managing director - Hamilton IPV