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1% of patents cause almost all technological progress

1% of patents cause 92% of the technological progress. In other words, very few patents are extremely important while most are not. Focus has developed an algorithm that can measure to what extent the technology that is described in a patent has contributed to technolical progress.

Only the best technologies get applied commercially

Most patented technologies end up never being used in commercial products. Technologies are often shelved immediately after invention and never get used again. Focus can help you identify those technologies that have had a significant impact on their technological domain and a high likelihood of commercial application.

What can Focus do for me?  

Identify significant trends

There are lots of technological trends, but only very few are significant. By letting Focus sort the wheat from the chaff, you can spend your time analysing only the patents that matter the most to your business.

Clean up your portfolio

Most patented inventions contribute very little to their technological domains. However, maintenance fees are often still paid for these patents because they are difficult to identify. With Focus, this problem belongs to the past!

Litigation likelihood

Patents that have had a large impact on their technological domains are much more likely to be litigated. The top 10% of patents are twice as likely to be a part of offensive litigation and twice as likely to win.


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