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Focus A.I.

Why Focus?

Our AI turns data into insights, you set the strategy

Sees the landscape through your eyes

Focus AI learns your taxonomy and automatically classifies the external landscape. See the outside world through your internal framework.

Actionable intelligence

Focus can help you optimize your portfolio, gather competitive intelligence, monetize patents, and save costs at the same time.

85% less time!
Achieve more in less time

 Combining the best of machine learning with the best of human insight. Focus does the tedious work for you, so you can focus on strategy.

Turning data into actionable intelligence with AI

Find answers to the hardest questions

Artificial intelligence can produce incredible insights when applied correctly. At Focus, it is our mission to put the best AI tools into your hands through an intuitive analytics platform. With Focus, you can leverage your domain knowledge and generate strategic insights that will put you miles ahead of the competition.
The benefits of good AI

Next-gen patent analytics

Most patent analytics tools only show you fragments of the landscape around you, and present the results in a way that creates more questions than answers. Focus' AI learns how you categorize technologies from your internal taxonomy, and applies the same categories to your environment. This is only step one. Many patents are of trivial importance, and although they may belong to a domain you are interested in, will never be a threat. Focus can predict which patents are likely to be used in litigation, and when a patent is likely to lapse. Giving you an unprecedented level of insight into the quality of any portfolio. With Focus, you can get a deep understanding of your competitive environment in very little time.
  • Learns your taxonomy
  • Intuitive categories
  • Predicts patent quality
  • Deep competitive insights
How it works
In practice

Use cases

Competitive intelligence
Focus' AI learns your taxonomy and categorizes the external landscape in a way that makes sense to you.
Portfolio strategy
Prioritize filing efforts with data driven insights. Find out where your portfolio is strong and which areas require attention.
Benchmark your portfolio
Compare your portfolio to the competition. Benchmark numbers of litigation grade assets and overall portfolio quality.
Monetize assets
Identify assets that are true deal
drivers and find parties that
have a need for them.
Free up budget
Spot patents that are relatively weak. Allows you to stop paying maintenance fees for weak patents and free up budget.
Assess incoming assertion
Instantly assess if incoming assertion caries any real risk and quickly identify suitable assets to counter-assert.
What our customers say

"Focus has been a great help to X-Celeprint"

Focus reviewed X-celeprint's entire patent portfolio.
Ronald S. Cok
Director of intellectual property
Focus recently evaluated our patent portfolio and I found the quality of their analytics tools and services to be outstanding. Focus has been a great help to X-Celeprint by analyzing our patent portfolio and providing valuable feedback on the influence and technical importance of our patent families. The analysis process was very easy and Focus’s communication was always fast and clear. Reviewing their ratings was both helpful and interesting; Focus’ analytics provided insights not available to X-Celeprint from other tools.

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“There is a substantial scholarly literature on patent analytics, and Focus advances the field by properly addressing the key challenges in it.”
Lew Zaretzki
Managing director - Hamilton IPV