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Platform access: Gain full access to our platform for you and your team

Managed service: A dedicated analyst to provide customized insights and support tailored to your specific needs

Trend monitoring: Automated updates on technologies of interest

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Technology analysis by our analyst team: Scouting, evaluation, forecasting, and monitoring of technologies within your strategic initiatives, Delivered as a managed service in strong collaboration with you and your stakeholders.

Platform access: Full access to the most powerful AI technology forecasting platform for your team

Elimiate blind spots
AI technology scouting

Instant overview of all emerging technologies in your area

See which tech works for you
AI technology evaluation

Compare and analyze technologies using AI, reducing months of work to minutes

Spot winners early

Predict which emerging technologies will dominate and when

Summarized in actionable insights
Reporting & Monitoring

Competitive intelligence, partnering options, AI patent analysis, landscaping & more

How we work

We work in strong collaboration with our clients to ensure we deliver the most meaningful insights.

The analyses we perform for our clients are done as projects. We do all the analysis based on your strategic initiatives and keep you in the loop for feedback after each step. Analyzing one technological area is typically done within one month.

Platform access comes with a full onboarding and support.

Our license model is based on the productivity increase that clients are experiencing compared to current ways of working and the reduced need for (external consultancy) resources.

“In a week with GetFocus, we achieved more than we previously could in 9 months.”

Christophe Perthuisot
Chief Research & Innovation Officer, Moët Hennessy (LVMH Group)

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do we find a good topic to explore first?

We offer a complimentary 30-minute workshop to help you find an initial topic. With AI doing the hard work, you don't have to worry about framing the perfect question. In traditional research with human experts, the pressure to ask the right question is high because of time and budget limits. Often, people struggle with this step. 

However, using AI to gather insights allows you to explore bigger, wider topics and get clear answers much more quickly. This speedy insight generation means we can try out different questions and fine-tune them as we go. Usually, a general direction is plenty to kick things off. For instance, you might want to know what the future holds for large-scale energy storage, which new materials will be used in your industry in the future, or what emerging technologies may disrupt your business. Such scopes are plenty well-defined for us to get going.

Is this going to replace me?

We believe in crafting AI systems that don't replace human experts, but work alongside them.

While machines excel at number crunching and repetitive tasks, they fall short when it comes to executing entire jobs. Our mission? To create an AI assistant that boosts the capability of innovators.

However, we are seeing a shift. Those who adopt AI tools can do much more, much faster, and will thus outcompete experts who do not use AI tools.

We know what’s happening in our space, why do we need this?

There are exponentially more technologies emerging today than even a few years ago. This means that there are ever more technologies to be aware of and keep an eye on.

What hasn't changed, is the amount of time it takes to learn about new technologies. This leaves you with a situation where the puzzle is growing faster than you can lay down the pieces.

To stay ahead, you need a system that can deal with this exponential increase in information, prevents blindspots, and tells you what the data means. This is exactly what we have built.

I’m a consultant/IP professional. How can I leverage a tool like this for what I do?

You unlock unparalleled efficiency gains in being able to investigate and understand any and all technologies. The GetFocus platform helps you scout, rank, landscape, and do deep dives. It allows you to analyze patent landscapes very quickly by summarizing inventions and allows you to chat with them for detailed inquiries.

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