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The Focus Story - Accelerating Technological Progress

We are Focus, and we are on a mission to fast-track technological progress worldwide. By equipping innovators with the data-driven technological foresight they need, we help them make the right investment decisions, helping usher in the 6th industrial revolution.

Our Driving Force

As a team, we are driven by a desire to make the world better, faster

The quicker great emerging technologies and materials get the recognition and investment they deserve, the sooner we all benefit.

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Founded in 2019

It all started a question, can patent data be used to predict the technological future? The answer, Yes! Conclusive evidence led to the founding of Focus.

Public release in 2021

After working on our forecasting technology in "stealth mode" for 2 years, the first public release came in Q4 of 2021. We acquired early customers like the US Navy, Reckitt, and TU-Delft.

Major update in 2023:

The release of Odin. With huge advances in natural language and vector search, Focus became fully operable via natural language. We raised a growth round, enabling us to continue to scale, growing the team and our capabilities.

The Future We're Building

What Success Looks Like

Our tools in the hands of every innovator, making technological leaps more efficient and far-reaching. The endgame? Life-improving technologies hitting the mainstream sooner.

Our Guiding Principles

Hard Work

No shortcuts to excellence


The truth rules

Direct Communication

Say it as it is


Push the boundaries

Life at Focus

We hire solely based on skill & talent. This naturally leads to a diverse group. Within our team of 17 we have 8 Nationalities. We work hard but also know how to enjoy ourselves, and many of us are friends outside of work.

Who we’re looking for

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Are you exceptionally skilled in your field, like to get things done, and are motivated by driving technological change?

We are always on the hunt for talent. Send us your CV and a paragraph about what you can bring to Focus.

Qualities we look for:
You're highly skilled and autonomous
You appreciate direct, honest communication
You're willing to grow and are coachable
Talent > Experience

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