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The technological future is more predictable than it seems

We are GetFocus, and we are on a mission to fast-track technological progress worldwide. What started with foundations laid by MIT researchers, is now a full blown technology forecasting system. By equipping innovators with data-driven technological foresight, we help them make the right investment decisions and innovate faster.

Our Driving Force

If we get our forecasting tools into the hands of more innovators, the world will see faster technological progress

Emerging technologies that turn into winners show clear and measurable signals early on in their development. By giving you access to this data, we help you innovate faster.

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Founded in 2019

It all started a question, can patent data be used to predict the technological future? The answer, Yes! Conclusive evidence led to the founding of GetFocus.

Public release in 2021

After working on our forecasting technology in "stealth mode" for 2 years, the first public release came in Q4 of 2021. We acquired early customers like the US Navy, Reckitt, and TU-Delft.

Major update in 2023:

The release of Odin. With huge advances in natural language processing and vector search, GetFocus became fully operable via natural language. We raised a growth round, enabling us to continue to scale, growing the team and our capabilities.

The Future We're Building

What Success Looks Like

Our tools in the hands of every innovator, making technological leaps more efficient and far-reaching. The endgame? Life-improving technologies hitting the mainstream sooner.

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