Qurin : Pioneering Early Cancer Detection

Qurin is pioneering new approaches to early-stage cancer detection, enabling doctors to diagnose the disease earlier and providing patients with better outcomes. With many competing technologies in their space, Qurin wanted an overview. In this case study we show how GetFocus helped Qurin scout competing technologies, compare them, and forecast their improvement rates. With these insights, Qurin got a comprehensive overview of the state of affairs and stress-tested its R&D strategy.

"It was immediately clear that GetFocus was useful to us, being in a technologically advanced field"

Mark Verheijden

Program director biosensing at Qurin Diagnostics

The Challenge

There are many emerging technologies in early-stage cancer diagnosis. How do you make sure you are aware of all of them, how promising are they, and whether you are betting on the winning horse in your R&D strategy?

The Outcome

Qurin got a comprehensive overview of all competing technologies, an understanding of their current performance characteristics, and a concrete outlook on their rates of improvement. Qurin stress-tested its strategy and confirmed they are on the right path. Altogether, we scouted 27 competing technologies, evaluated them on 18 performance characteristics, and forecasted their future prospects.

Revolutionizing Oncology: Qurin's Leap in Early Cancer Detection


Qurin's groundbreaking test approach offers a leap forward in non-invasive cancer diagnostics, but there are many competing alternatives. To stay ahead of the curve, it is crucial to keep a strategic overview. To achieve this, Qurin partnered with GetFocus. Leveraging AI-driven insights to navigate the complexities of the rapidly evolving cancer diagnostics landscape. The collaboration exemplifies how technology-driven businesses like Qurin can get a competitive edge through technology forecasting.

Staying Ahead in an Ever More Competitive Field

The Challenge:

Although Qurin's mission is clear, there are many competing technologies in the space of early cancer diagnosis. With so many competitors, and because developing this type of technology takes many years with significant costs, there is a strong need to check blind spots and stay on top of the latest developments. Our AI-powered platform, Odin, served as the backbone to help Qurin stress test its development strategy.

The Collaboration:

We started collaborating with Qurin through our "Kickstart" offering. We worked on delivering insights for Qurin's scientists through our managed service while simultaneously training them on using the tool independently. With the managed service, companies benefit from getting value right from the start while simultaneously receiving training on how to use the platform independently. For the kick-off, we met with Qurin's team to scope the project and split up the delivery into 4 parts.

- In week 1, we scouted all competing technologies.
- In week 2, we assessed their performance using AI insights from the Odin platform, combined with input from Qurin's scientists.
- In week 3, we forecasted their performance.
- And in week 4, we conducted an in-depth analysis to extract detailed insights for Qurin's team on the fastest improving technologies.

For a more detailed explanation of our method, visit our How it Works page.

In total, 27 competing technologies were identified. These technologies were evaluated on 18 performance characteristics such as sensitivity, specificity, and others to identify the most promising technologies. Next, we built patent sets for all relevant technologies, extracted the appropriate metrics, and made forecasts on which technologies were improving the fastest. There were 2 clear winners! The generated insights resulted in both a high-level overview for management and a fine-grained analysis for Qurin's scientists. Specifically, we helped them set up their GetFocus platform environments to be able to monitor crucial technologies. All this in the space of a month and with minimal burden (4 hours total contact time) for Qurin's team.

The Results:

With the GetFocus method, Qurin stress tested their development strategy and gained a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape. This information provided insight into the best technologies available today and into which early-stage emerging technologies are the most promising for the future. Qurin used the insights generated by GetFocus in its development strategy and can confidently say they are on the right track to changing cancer diagnosis for the better! Since the completion of the cancer diagnosis project, we have embarked on multiple other projects for Qurin. After the 3-month kickstart was completed, Qurin successfully transitioned to using the Odin platform independently and is using the platform on an ongoing basis to generate insights on crucial technology areas.

The technological future is a lot more predictable than you'd think. With GetFocus you can get accurate and objective insights into the technological future, a totally unfair advantage. With a clear understanding of what the technological future will look like, you can take better decisions. Interested in learning more? Reach out to us!

For a deeper dive into Qurin's revolutionary approach to early cancer detection, head to Qurin.

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