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Unlock the Future of Technology with AI-Supercharged Insight

Easily scout all relevant technologies in any area

Make decisions based on comparative analyses per use case

Predict future performance and cost with data-driven forecasting

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For R&D Teams, Decision Makers, and Government Offices

Is This You?

R&D teams and Decision Makers

Navigating Technological Complexity

At innovation's cutting edge

Juggling many different technologies

Your time and resources are precious

Streamlining to lead, not just keep up

Government Offices

Policies for a Better Future

Shaping the future with informed policy

Staying ahead of the tech curve

Evaluating tech with finite resources

Making enduring decisions

Change Drivers

The Maze Is Getting More Complex

More emerging technology, less time, higher stakes

New technologies emerge exponentially faster

In 1900 there were 215 technology categories, in 1970 there were 70.000, today there are more than 265.000.

Keeping up is time consuming

Evaluating new technology takes time. With an exponential growth of technology there is ever less time to evaluate new tech.

You could bet on thousands of technologies, but which will win?

You must make investment decisions before it is obvious which tech will win. Its is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

“In a week with Focus, we achieved more than
we previously could in 9 months.”

Christophe Perthuisot
Chief Research & Innovation Officer, Moet Hennessy (LVMH Group)
Your Options

There Is Only 1 Feasible Solution

AI Intelligence: Scaling Human Expertise With Near Infinite Processing Power

The Past

The Old Ways Are Dead

Due to the exponential increase in the number of emerging technologies, traditional methods can no longer keep up

Hiring experts? Scalability nightmare

You'd have to scale your organization exponentially to keep up, which is uneconomical.

Consultants? Empty your pockets

Can't cope with the exponential change either, even more expensive than hiring experts yourself.
The Present

Enter AI-Enabled Services

Deal with the scale of the problem and get a strategic overview of the global innovation landscape

Human expertise? Check.

Our experts work with technology intelligence all day, every day

AI scaling? Check.

AI enables near infinite scaling of human expertise
What You Gain

From Insight to Impact

Focus Delivers Speed, Precision, Smart Forecasts, and Deep Dives

Rapid tech scouting

Scout all relevant emerging technologies in any area and easily get up to speed with AI-generated summaries.

AI comparisons

Compare the strengths and weaknesses of any set of technologies for any use case. From months of work to minutes.

Future forecasting

Focus predicts which emerging technology will turn into the dominant solution. A totally unfair advantage.

Deep dives

See what competitors are doing and summarize key inventions with AI. Even chat with them to answer detailed questions.

Why it works

Speed, scalability, objectivity

What used to take months can be completed in an afternoon.

During any project, new information always emerges. With AI, it is trivial to reassess and iterate whenever the need arises.

Focus' AI will only tell you what the data says, it doesn't have any favorite technologies and is fully objective.

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To infinity and beyond

CES Innovation award winner


Best tech show on earth

Nominated as 1 of Top 10 Dutch Startups


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Forecasting Methods inspired by MIT


2 published papers

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