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Easily scout sustainable materials replacements

Make decisions based on comparative analyses per use case

Predict future material costs with data-driven forecasting

“In a week with GetFocus, we achieved more than
we previously could in 9 months.”

Christophe Perthuisot
Chief Research & Innovation Officer, Moet Hennessy (LVMH Group)
Who We Serve

Visionary Luxury Brands Revolutionizing High Fashion with Green Practices

Your Dilemmas

Balancing Sustainability And Brand Integrity

You worked for decades on honing your brand identity, now you are going sustainable. Sustain the luxe by harmonizing green with timeless quality.

Navigate Generational Changes with Confidence

Younger generations increasingly make eco-conscious luxury purchases, and legislation is coming in. Luxury brands have to adapt to continue to thrive.

Change Drivers

Urgent Forces At Play

Materials Matter: The Race for Sustainable Luxury in a World Demanding Change

The Sustainability Transformation

Going sustainable requires change in all materials

Embracing sustainability means a complete overhaul of your material inventory—from leather to biopolymers to dyes. It's an extensive but essential pivot as legislation tightens and consumer appetites shift towards responsible luxury. With every element scrutinized for its environmental impact, luxury brands must adapt swiftly.

Going sustainable requires change in all materials you use
Legislation is incoming and consumers demand change
Thousands of options and you need to make bets today
The Elephant In The Boardroom

In biopolymers alone, the problem is already vast

Just within biopolymers there are over 100 emerging materials. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the best material for the job depends on the use case. With thousands of products and dozens of material categories, you are looking at hundreds of thousands of problems to solve.

Over 100 emerging types of biopolymers
Each with its own strengths and weaknesses
You have thousands of products, each with different requirements
You are looking at hundreds of thousands of problems to solve
Your Options

There Is Only 1 Feasible Solution

AI Intelligence: Scaling Human Expertise in Sustainable Material Sourcing

Hiring en masse isn't an option, there are not enough experts

Given the scale of the problem, every brand would need a small army of experts. There simply aren't that many.

Junior hires learning on the job isn't a fix either

The situation is comparable with the internet revolution, when many fresh graduates were hired as internet "experts".

What You Gain

From Insight to Impact: AI-Powered Material Strategies for a Sustainable Edge

Future-Proofing Luxury: How AI Delivers Speed, Precision, and Smart Forecasts

Quick Material Identification And Comparison

Identify The Best Materials For Any Use Case

Instantly scout all sustainable materials you could consider and compare their strengths and weaknesses for any use case.

Forecast Which Materials Will Dominate The Future Of Luxe

Bet On The Winning Horse Before The Race Begins

Data driven and fully objective forecasting of future performance and cost trends for any material, a totally unfair advantage.

Deep Dives On Demand

Track The Competition And Identify Technology Partners

See what your competitors are working on and identify partnership opportunities globally. Become an expert in no time with AI-generated summaries and analytics.

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