Deep dives into technologies

When you have landed on a new technology that is of particular interest to you, it is crucial that you get up to speed before taking decisions. Doing this properly involves understanding the technology you are dealing with and familiarising yourself with the IP landscape.  However, doing this can be challenging for the following reasons:

  • Comprehensive summaries of technology areas are hard to come by and finding the right information to answer follow-up questions takes lots of time.
  • Getting an accurate overview of the innovation landscape in any area is time consuming and complex.
  • Even if you can find the most relevant patents, reading them is a painful experience due to the style patents are written in, which makes the information difficult to consume.
  • To even get started, you typically need expert knowledge in the area of interest, which significantly slows down your explorative efforts, especially when you do not yet have access to such experts. 

Focus helps you get a deep understanding of any technology area in record time

Focus AI is a powerful tool to help you get up to speed on any technology area. Here's how Focus can help you:

  1. AI technology summaries: get a summary of key benefits and downsides of any technology in one chat message. Simply tell our AI bot which technology you want a summary of and it responds within seconds.
  2. Automated patent landscapes: Once you have a basic understanding of the technology of interest, find all relevant patents with one simple natural language query. Interact with our search engine in a human-like manner through natural language (no more complex Boolean queries). Focus’ algorithms analyze the context of your queries, provide comprehensive results in seconds, and visualize the results for you instantly. Easily get an overview of the global innovation landscape and learn who is working in the area, which universities you could collaborate with, what your competitors are doing, and much more.
  3. AI assistance: Focus is fully integrated with GPT-4, the most powerful large language model in the world. Always have an intelligent AI assistant by your side to help you answer your questions.
  4. AI patent summaries: Just as large language models can translate between languages, they can also translate complex legal text so that it is easy to read for a non IP specialist audience. With our summaries anyone can easily read and understand any patent.
  5. AI chat with patents: If you want to dig really deep into individual inventions, you don't have to read the entire patent. Simply chat with the invention through a large language model and get answers to your questions in seconds.
  6. Comparative Analyses: Focus lets you compare competing technologies easily. Get insights on where technologies are in terms of their maturity, how fast they are improving, and what your competitors are betting on so you have everything you need to support investment decision making.

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